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'We go find kif other time pull their heads off.'

Do we need an extension on the book? Conversation is going nowhere right now, and, personally, I'd like to see more than just two of us participating. If you guys need more time, speak up. Mer said when she chose the book that the schedule was not set in stone. We're all busy; I don't think anyone will begrudge some extra time in the interest of keeping up a decent conversation.

Similarly, participate where you can. You don't have to reply to the most recent post. If you still haven't made it past chapter five, it's okay to reply to the first post again. There are no rules about where and when and how many times one can reply. This is supposed to be a discussion. If other things occur to you, or you want to weigh in on something that you haven't addressed yet, go for it.

Not that I'm trying to force anyone to comment. But this isn't going to work if no one says anything.

ETA: I should apologise. I have no idea how this post sounds; for some reason, I can't get any sense of its tone. So if I'm coming across as confrontational or impatient or anything else unpleasant, I sincerely apologise. I don't mean it that way at all.
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"That kif wants killing." Discussion though chapter 7 unless otherwise stated.

Oh boy, oh boy!!! So much has happened in this section. I'm goign to touch on what struck me the most. Please respond to my observations but also share what struck you. Randomness shall ensue.

*My overwhelming emotions to this section revolve around Tully. I sympathize with him greatly. First he and his crew have the most unfortunate luck to run into the kif upon first entering into a new galaxy. The kif promptly kill all but four of them. Slowly torturing and killing two of the remaining crew members. After they they torture his last companion Tully is forced out of compassion to kill his sole surviving friend. I am honestly not sure that I would be strong enough to do that. I'd like to think so but I'm not so sure. Not only does he have to live wiht the fact that he has killed his friend but he is now the only human left. No more companions to relate to, to suffer with, to communicate with. And he is very well aware of what the kif will most likely do to him, not a pretty picture.

*I love the fact that the reason Tully boarded the Pride was because he saw her crew without weapons, who though they shooed him away were not mean, but most importantly, they laughed. Their laughter brought him to them.

*The comunication tapes. Tully gave them in good faith to Pyanfar and she literally traded them with the mahe. I'm not sure yet whether I trust the mahe or not. I understand that she may not of had much choice and it could turn out to be a very good move but three of Tully's crew members died at the hand of the kif for that information. It sort of feels like she sold Tully. On the other hand I believe it was a very good move to get him registered as a member of her crew. As a civilized sapient that is of value so that he can't be claimed as property, which I fear he still might.

*Very cool scene where they are back in the airlock so Tully cna now understand all that is happening and Pyanfar doesn't realize it. I understand his anger and his fear and his exhaustion. He really has nothing to leverage with. He is completely in the hands of whoever happens to claim him at that moment, even with his papers. He blindly follows. Pyanfar realizes this and depises him for it even though she must depend on his blindingly following for the Pride's sake. Interesting paradox. I would love to know what the rest of the Pride's crew feels about Tully and his situation. And I wonder what Pyanfar would do in his situation.

*I liked the fact that Cherryh points out that just because a person is of the same species does not mean she is a friends and just because she is not of the same species doesn't mean she is an enemy.

The Kif are not my friends. ( Let the discussions begin!)

At least by first impressions I believe I would not get along with the Kif, especially Mr. A the one that I think will end up being quite a bit of trouble.

To start off our discussion, though perhaps a bit belatedly, I'm just going to write some of my observations and some questions and see what the responses are. If you have other comments or questions please feel free to jump in and post them. I should also warn you that I am horrible with pronunciations (not too much of a problem here, thank goodness) but also with names and such in unfamiliar tongues (see above Mr. A as opposed to Akukkakk). This may be a bit random. It's going to be stream of thought.

*What do you think of Pyanfar?
I have to like any woman who takes as much pleasure in a shower as I, even if she happens to be a lion-like creature. Lions have never struck me as shower takers. She strikes me as experienced, brave, faulty, scared, strong, prideful, a leader, compassionate. She seems to want to do the best by those who mean the most to her (her crew, other hani) but also those who aren't so close to her (other innocent races (obviously not the kif), the outsider. It will be interesting to see how the relationship between her and her niece, Hilfi, plays out. Pyanfar reminds me of a quote (paraphrased) from U-571, "You are ready to be a captained when you can sacrifice the life of one of your men for the lives of the rest of your men." Essentially you have to make the very tough decisions for the greater good.

*How do you feel about the role of men in Hani society? They appear to be the weaker, more emotional sex according to Pyanfar.
I find it very entertaining that the men are the ones that must be coddled. It is the women who are the adventurers and such. Though it seems that on world men do have great power, they don't leave the world and it is best not to have too many men in one family. I also wonder where this thread will lead.

*How would you feel and react as the Outsider? (I'm making the assumption he's human. He certainly sounds like it.) Does he understand his situation? Why do you think he boarded the Pride.

Ok, your turn...
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Not to sound rude, but....

Any chance I could be the next moderator, after we finish Mer's book? I know this must sound rushed and all, but I think I have a really good book for it.

And if that's okay, I'll give you the title now (which I know is way in advance) so that you guys can figure out where to get it, whether from your local library, a hold, or whatever.

Even if I'm not the next moderator, it is a good suggestion for a book to read. Chicks with Sticks

The Pride of Chanur

So I have finally decided on our first book  Drum roll please...

The Pride of Chanur by C. J. Cherryh

Here's amazon.com's blurb about it:
No one at Meetpoint Station had ever seen a creature like the Outsider. Naked-hided, blunt toothed and blunt-fingered, Tully was the sole surviving member of his company -- a communicative, spacefaring species hitherto unknown -- and he was a prisoner of his discoverer/ captors the sadistic, treacherous kif, until his escape onto the hani ship The Pride of Chanur.
Little did he know when he threw himself upon the mercy of The Pride and her crew that he put the entire hani species in jeopardy and imperiled the peace of the Compact itself. For the information this fugitive held could be the ruin or glory of any of the species at Meetpoint Station. 

It's a sci-fi space adventure that comes highly recommended and sounds quite interesting.  Since most of us our Firefly and other sci-fi story  fans I figured it would be well recieved.  From what I have read so far in skimming it I think we can have some good discussions.  I have tentatively decided to read roughly 50 pages a week depending on how the chapters fall out.  That should give time for us all to read and think a bit without getting too overwhelmed.  I'll post comments and questions Saturday night or Sunday starting a week from tomorrow.  Read through the last chapter written.  If you decide you want to post earlier than Saturday/Sunday please feel free to do so.  The rest of us will not read them if we want to avoid spoilers.

Week 1: Chapters 1-3
Week 2: Chapters 4-7
Week 3: Chapters 8-10
Week 4: Chapters 11-the End

We can always change or adjusts things as needed since this is still a work in progress.

Happy reading!